How it works

Our model is ideal for new agents who are struggling to succeed in the highly competitive Real Estate market. We understand that closing the big million-dollar home sales can be few and far between. Especially in the beginning of your career, while you’re building up your business. Rentals are a great way to get extra cash fast. Take that money and boost your advertising budgets. Locator Fee has bridged the gap between Renters, Community Reps and YOU.

Why Locator Fee?

  • Rentals create quick cash opportunities
  • Fast to close
  • Smartest way to start out building your clientele. Help them find an apartment now. A house later. Give them the best Renting experience and who do you think they’re going to turn to when they’re ready to buy?
  • Bridge the gap between Renters and Agents
  • We’re streamlining the process - which means less work and more money for you
  • How many Locator Fee deals can you close this month? 10? 30? 50? It’s up to you. Let us help your hustle.
  • What will you do with that extra cash? Increase advertising budgets and close on the next home? Build your reputation? Reach your business goals? Go further faster with Locator Fee.
  • We don’t have time to waste. Neither do you. We’re cutting the B.S., the clunky process, and have streamlined the renting experience for everyone involved.

How it works


Sign up for an exclusive Locator Fee Membership. Welcome to the team!


Create your Locator Fee Profile


Utilize our Proprietary Rental Database to search for high paying properties that fit your clients’ exact needs (Easy-to-use. We’ve compiled all the information necessary to cut your time down. We want you out there closing rentals!)


Each Property shows the Locator Fee (The amount you will be paid for renting out this property)


Give your client the Rental Tour of their lifetime. Tour your client at their Property of choice and have them sign. CLOSE. Greatly reduce your time of chauffeuring clients around to properties they don’t even like. With our thorough information and images, renters have an easier time narrowing down their options to their top 3. Saving YOUR time. Go close your next Renter!


Use the Locator Fee Invoicing Tool in your profile. This will send an Invoice to the Community of your clients’ choice. This will also keep track of open and closed rentals and outstanding Locator Fee Checks.


Cash your commission check! (Our favorite part.)


Repeat Steps 1-7. Over. And over. And over again.

All for $59.99/month. This monthly membership fee pays for itself upon the first Renter that signs. How many Locator Fee Deals can you close this month? Our top producers are closing 100+ Locator fee deals a month!!!

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